Proposal Season!

With the holidays comes proposal's a quiet season that you don't even realize exists until it hits you and you're suddenly newly engaged. For some people it comes at Valentine's Day, for some around a signifigant date to the couple, for some it just hits you out of the blue, but the holidays are a huge part of any newly engaged couples special moments. A lot of times it's the first time family functions involve your signifigant other and everyone, friends & family, even strangers hear and want to hear the story of your engagement. How it happened, where it happened, did you cry, did he cry, did you say yes right away or make hime wait? All of the epic moments of your proposal stay etched in your memory forever and people love to hear your story of how the two of you came together. Well we've come across a particularly unique engagment story that we wanted to share with you and we'd love to hear your engagment story on our facebook page!

Shark Tank Proposal: